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The exhibition-space "sternstudio" is an independent and non-commercial project that is offering a platform for exhibitions, interpretations and presentations of contemporary artistic work in an open and accessible environment.

As part of an artists-studio the "sternstudio" near the Praterstern in Vienna is remaining a workspace while showing work work from various artists and and artists groups. This process itself is seen as an artistic project and  is maintained from this position.

In a loose schedule the possibilities for involvement, development, communication, networking, documentation and exhibition are offered at this project-space. Because this is organized in an unrestricted context without any further obligations the presenting protagonists can concentrate on their events and the connected tasks.

There are no specific opening-times or fixed days for appointments.

Artistic events, actions or exhibitions are organized by the studio-operator in collaboration with other creative people and partners and get presented to an audience or the public based on individual wishes and needs. For questions or additional information please contact us. The "sternstudio" is open for suggestions and project-ideas from all over the world


Dieses Projekt von Holger Lang wird in Zusammenarbeit mit Martina Tritthart und dem

Verein künstler kooperative mutual loop artists cooperation mit finanzieller Unterstützung

durch die Stadt Wien - MA7 Abteilung  Musik, Stadtteilkultur und Interkulturalität -

sowie durch die Kulturkommission Leopoldstadt durchgeführt.