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Ania Zorh

13.06.2022 16:00 Opening

26.06.202218:00 Finissage with screening

The artists is also present at 16:00 on Sunday, 19.06.2022

and on direct appointment

Project #badbedtimestories is developed and created during lockdown 2020-2021.  It consists of 12 oil paintings,  each accompanied with an autobiographical text by the artist, and an installation. Texts are personal stories, showing connections between private and public fields, touching upon such topics as mobility, invisible and unpaid reproductive labor, and property in post-soviet and western countries,  in feministic discourse. During lockdown 2020-2021 artist was creating one work per month and exhibiting it on social media. In this way, each story is related to certain time of the year,  reconnecting with the tradition of live storytelling. During lockdowns live communication and social events were replaced with online meetings and social media newsfeed, so artist chose these platforms to tell her story..  Images in this project are kind of symbols and cultural codes that can be read differently, with or without the text. Stories behind the pictures connect different people, countries and times, being at the same time both very personal - and something to what many can relate.

Link to the online project:

Ania Zorh works with topics of connection, collection and reflection.

In her practice artist is using different media, mainly painting, video and performance. She graduated National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture with diploma in painting, currently is in PhD studies in Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, since 2014 lives and works in Austria. Is founder of prolet.air art association and shared studio.


2009 Academy of Fine Arts, Kiev, Diploma in painting

since 2017 PhD in Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Selected shows and publications

2022 “Damenspende”, Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, Vienna

2021 “badbedtimestories”, Gallery Mark, Salzburg

“Eco Flirt”, Smolka Contemporary, Vienna

“Comeback to the future”, the Dessous, Vienna

“proletAIR group show”, proletAIR studio, Vienna

"Slow Wave" , WUK, Vienna

“Spinning wheel” , “Corona Bedingt” iAKW, Vienna

"Matryoshka/" ,Q202 - Kunst im Freigang

2020“ecoromance”, Vaginale, Schikaneder, Vienna

“scream choir”, Vekks, Vienna

“lost in connection”, AAcollections gallery, Vienna

"" in

"ent_taeschung", zine zum klangfestival #remote 2020

“”, Salzburg and Vienna

publication, article "Between liminality and crisis",

"blank2", Vienna

"Matryoshka III", Vekks, Vienna

2019 "Matryoshka II", Spektakel, Raw matters, Vienna

"Wir send mehrere. BAGATO", la pantera rosa group,

"Intact", WUK, Vienna

" Foto", Atelier Glockengasse 8A, Vienna

"MASTИ", AAcollections gallery, Vienna

"12 hours of(f)"; "an der akademie studieren",Rundgang,

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

"Bildfehler und Unschärfe" ,Museum Alsergrund,


2018 "Diagnose", with Tamas Ungvary, Agora, Vienna

"", performance, Agora festival, Vienna

0 mins shi(f)t, WUK, Vienna

"FORM.AT" , performance, Stiegenkeller, Vienna

"Jeder Jaeger wuerde gerne wissen wo der Fasan sitzt",

Stiegenkeller, Vienna 2017 "Mittelmeer route", gallery

"Tabor", Vienna (anna&michael)

2016 "Bags. Taschen. Torby. Sumki", performance,

TamTam theater, Spektakel, Vienna 2015"super!Macht"

24hAusstellung, Monopol, Leipzig as anna&michael


"The Fruit", Albert Schweitzer Haus, Vienna

2014 "1st day in Moscow" in "Farsh" art festival, Moscow

"All inclusive", as anna&michael, Berlin

2013 “Feeling time" solo project; GOGOLFest

International festival, Kiev,

AGORA, Budapest, Hungary.

art travel project, art gallery “TREKÅ-Konst för Konst

och Kultur”, Stockholm

LOOP Screen festival, Barcelona, Spain

"Not enough" in Art-Nou Milleni" gallery, Barcelona

2012 solo show “Curacao box”, Dutch Caribbean

“MUHi” contest and exhibition, Institute of problems

of contemporary art, Kyiv. Ukraine 2011-2012

Metamart: kunst&kapital” exhibition, Künstlerhaus,


2011 “Friends company”, gallery “Nef”, Kiev

“O.L.D.Okna.Lavki.Dveri” (Windows.Benches.Doors),

Kiev, art venue Peyzazhna alleya;

“Fellings” , art gallery “TREKÅ-Konst för Konst och

Kultur”, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Solo show “Heart halves”, Gallery “RA”, Kiev;

“recycled”, “GOGOLFEST” – International festival of

contemporary art in Ukraine, National art and culture

complex Mistetskiy arsenal (Art Arsenal), Kiev

2010 cover illustration “Ukrainian painted wedding

chests. Typology, iconography, artistic features”, 2010,

published Institute of history of Ukraine.

2008 “Dyvosvit”(“Wonderworld”); Kiev

2006 “Natural beauty” in Kiev National Taras

Shevchenko University art gallery, within the project of

cultural interchange “Ukraine-Italy - culture dialogues

without borders”; Art residence project in

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Ukraine;

2006 “Dot & coma” Chernigiv, Ukraine, within project


2004 “18 winters” in gallery “Obraz”, Kiev;

“Art says”Yes!” to Orange Revolution” in gallery of

National Art Union of Ukraine; Kiev