Chi-Sui Wang

The Virtual Past and the Actual Present



March 11th 2011

18:00 - 21:00

“The concept is based on our visual perception in moving image where, in order for one vision to persist, every actual moment must be doubled by a coexisting virtual past moment. Thus those substituted pairs, so call "in-between-ness" have formed the animated illusions. It creates the life of virtual perspectives both in space and time that, eventually fascinated us.”  (Wang 2/2011)

Chi-Sui Wang currently lectures Multimedia

in the School of Communications at Dublin

City University. She has obtained her Ph.D

in Fine Art from Newcastle University, U.K.

Her studio practice and research interest

focuses on the visual perception, visual art

practice, animation, practice-led research,

as well as being disseminated through

exhibitions, publications through the

establishment of networks regionally,

nationally and internationally. Chi-Sui’s

work fundamentally identifies the dualism

of temporal and spacial perception through

painting, animation and contextual studies.

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