canonization of st.johann


Sam Davis / Chris Fries

with a



December 04th 2010


7:00 pm and 8:00 pm

"The Canonization of St. Johann," is a trans-media installation which

utilizes various media including, performance, digital printmaking,

installation and the internet. This "canonization" relies on new explorations

into the concept of a "media hole." We use the media hole as a platform

to explore the concept of ascension to higher conscious above and

beyond the material body. This is a truly one of a kind site specific

installation, which will include unique limited edition prints signed and numbered by the artists. Be there." (Sam Davis 11/2010)

"SAMDAVIS is a successful young international artist with a BFA in printmaking. Although his formal training is in print, he is currently exploring a variety of mediums including animation, installation, video, digital printmaking, performance, and web-based art. SAMDAVIS currently resides in Vienna, Austria." (Sam Davis 11/2010)

“Who is Chris Fries? A human being? A wanderer? Artist?

The abstract dimensions of life and the qualities that build around his

world are influenced by observations not seen by any one else. He uses

the world as playground to learn and experiment with. When asked how he takes a photographic image and brings it to life, only one answer can be supplied, by time and patience, and the willingness to engage in any

situation that happens before him and his camera.

He has been making music, painting, videoing, acting, and photographing since he was a child. With the experience of growing up in a world free to question society and with the help of his family of artists and entrepreneurs has only strengthened Chris’ ability to get the job done right. He has had his artwork showcased in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas.”  (Chris Fries 11/2010

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