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Gina Lee Falco and Ksenia Kuvaeva


April 18th 2011 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Temptation, sexuality and seduction are just

some terms that describe the current exhibition.

Masked females give the images a promiscuous

feeling, tempting the viewer to see deeper into

the photographs, making you want to know

more about the situation. We as people hide

behind masks to fake the truth about us making

us more mysterious and attractive. What is her

mystery? Dare to know more!

(Kuvaeva 4/11)

The façades of the Viennese buildings,

like many others, extend beyond their

function as an element of construction

to features of display with their design

and adornment. These architectural

canvasses elevate and enliven the city

into a showcase, a living museum

reflecting changing personal and cultural

values, giving personality to purpose.

These photographs dwell on the surface,

just as our eyes may casually drift across

these façades by chance as we happen

by, focused on our destinations. To go

beyond—behind—would be to enter the

living space within, to connect in some

way with the inhabitants, residents,

people. Although if we were to consider

the notice of writer E. M. Forster,

"behind the façade every type of

dubiousness", perhaps we are best only

to linger on the safety of the surface.  

Embracing aesthetics and multiculturalism,

Gina Lee Falco utilizes her natural and developed

spiritual, cultural and aesthetic expressions through

a variety of media, notably, photography, poetry and

writing. Connections to different cultures and

perspectives provides her with stimulation and

inspiration: through her work she explores the many

evels of humanity from an intimate to a global

level and celebrates its diversity and dualities.

Her métiers are enhanced by her spheres of attraction and study, including science, astronomy, spirituality and philosophy. A transdisciplinary approach is a foundation for Gina's blending of various concepts into holistic results. Her photographs have been published in various formats, including applications, websites, print magazines and newsletters; relating to topics such as travel and tourism, news, architecture, music, and social and personal interest.  (3/11)