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Holger Lang

Home Office Heaven

Opening on Saturday, February 27, 2021

Closing on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A spatial installation in an ephemeral environment

containing images, objects, and audio-visuals

Visit virtually via video-communication-application

(Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, WebEx, Facetime, Messenger, etc.)

Personal memories, fragments of the past, found materials,

something olde, something taken, something obsolete,

something used, something new, something red, something

blue, something borrowed for some time and money too.

Blending, mixing and connecting in a conglomeration of bits

and pieces that may not make much sense to the distant visitor.

Throwing the inside of the heart and brain onto the walls that

function as screens and projection spaces. Placing the

unrelated next to the related and linking what chance

and coincidence threw into near vicinity. Dive into an

avalanche of preferences, interests, proposals and remains.

Arranging current tensions and streams into a solidified

representation that will trigger new or old or blue or bold

ways and strings. What is associated will reverberate

within a transitory enclosure. Entering a cave that allows

the internal fire to flicker and shine outside the body.

In case there is meaning behind anything, the direction

of the message is spiraling into a casual vortex.

This space allows the appearance of magical moments

in case you treat yourself with sensory stimulation the

composition unfolds into a chaotic cabinet of time and space.

This is only one possible text about this type of work.

This is only one possible version of this works materialization.

This version was influenced by the world as of now.

Simplicity is still not the goal. >>>