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Phase 2: Aus dem Dunkel der Erinnerung

Eröffnung am

Donnerstag, 9.November 2017, 19:00 - 22:00

weitere Öffnungszeiten nach Vereinbarung

The present paintings are a part of a collection include relatively small sized paintings that illustrate a hidden and somehow invisible part of my life. In my opinion, small paintings convey a particular mood to the

artwork that has always fascinated me; a feeling that fades

(if not destroyed) behind the technical aspects in the larger works.

Man in my own thought, is a picture of my own self, and my inner search. A “man” that discovers him self slowly in this world.

A man that can be a sea of affection, kindness or with million of cells carrying anger. Sometimes he is thoughtful, sometimes astonished, sometimes waiting, sometimes unrest and sometimes lonely and deep in his own thoughts. Men whose faces have an approach within them and they attract the viewer to the artwork through the depth of such look. An artwork that by looking at them, this sense is conveyed that everyone and everything in this world is alone.

In all my works you can see a belief in welcoming the accidents, simplicity and achieving a sort of abstraction in form, generally with minimum lines and colors that are expressed sometimes with affection and sometimes with anger based my feeling. As other specifications of my works, I have avoided to draw objects and features surrounding our life and created an ambiguous and suspended environment

Foto of Hosna Darvishi by Andrej Grilc

Born in 1983, Kermanshah, Iran

Lives and Works in Vienna / Austria