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Ina Hagen

“Sharing is caring.”

Opening July 29h 2014, 7:00 pm

Two types of images are shown side by side:

The first are reworked documentation images of the exhibition «Father and Son», shown in the same gallery space just weeks earlier, the second are images from the web.

They are coupled through the parameters of similarity in the algorithm of Google Image Search. The first image is uploaded to Google Image Search, and the one suggested as most similar is chosen as the second image. They are then posted together on the blog “”, where all posts strictly follow this conceptual schema. At this time, they are shown in the gallery space together with a text and a performance.

As images, thoughts and text circulate freely and easily, it is clear that different forms of distribution inform our understanding of a work of art.     

Ina Hagen b. 1989, lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Oslo National

Academy of the Arts in 2014.

Her work is mainly concerned with methods to question

authorship, mediation and the distribution of art. 

More often than not in collaboration with others, including publication and curation as artistic practice.

She was an Artist in Residence at

quartier21/ MQ Vienna in April and May of 2014.