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Jacqueline Thode

“moments: a one unicorn show”

Opening on March 28th 2013, 7 p.m.

“This exhibition is a collection of intimate moments. I had originally been working on separate ideas in the realms of black and white, texture/detail, and color. Through the work I was doing on each, I began to notice an underlying intimacy that was occurring in many of the photos. There is a certain kind of romance happening in each photo, the romance of having a fleeting moment you know will never repeat itself similarly. In life we all have moments that we will never forget. Some of those are things are huge events we experience with others and some are mere random seconds we experience with just ourselves and the natural surrounding. This exhibition is a collection of some of those moments for me that allows the view to maintain a 1 to 1 relationship with the content. It plays with how scale, color, and contrast can affect the relationships and romance of these moments.” JT

Jacqueline Thode is an American media and textile artist. She enjoys delving into various mediums to find different ways to express the grand, minute, and fantastical of what she experiences. Primarily, she utilizes photography and leather carving; however, she is increasingly using video and animation. Her next artistic aspirations are sculptures combining glass blowing and welding. Additionally, she is a professional ice hockey player. Jacqueline is a little bit of everything. Her interest and influences are vast, to say the least. She marvels in the wonder of this life and enjoys playing with the bounds of reality and possibility. For her, there are many continuums of wonder raging form grotesque and tragic to stunning and impossible. She currently resides in Vienna, Austria.