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Jennifer Odem

Above and Below

Opening May 27 2016, 7:00 pm

"The sculptor Jennifer Odem makes objects in rousing blues and greens, and we see immediately that they are gender-identified, playful, and palpable; but her drawings, that are only sometimes ideas for her sculptures, are both concrete and ambiguous, even mysterious.  Though fully realized works, the drawings leave the viewer free to bring his or her subjective reading to the open space that is an essential aspect of the artwork."

Jennifer Odem is a New Orleans based multi-media artist with a specific focus on investigations in sculpture and drawing. Odem's artwork address issues of transience and permanence, hand-crafted versus industrial, fragility and strength. Her sculptures specifically reference issues of gender through her choice of materials, which texturally look fragile, but are in fact strong, rigid objects. Jennifer Odem has exhibited and performed residencies throughout the United States and abroad. Odem is presently exhibiting in two group exhibits, Of Men at 511 Gallery, NY and Paper Route 66 at BravinLee Programs, NY. Her most recent solo exhibit was Interpretations: House and Universe, Sculpture and Drawing in 2013.