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Opening on November 11, 2014, 7:00 pm

Katherina Lochmann


old pictures in black and white take their places on newer pictures which show the ruins of the burnt down location SOPHIENSÄLE

the humans you can see are partly photographed on location, while celebrating or working, like the artists’ grandmother at the buffet -

other figures show people - some of them famous - dancing and walking around where they could have - but most likely weren’t

the title adresses both the party nights and the burn down. a history that started as a steam bath in 1838. during summer season the hall was used for swimming, in winter it was the biggest event venue in vienna. the possible 2.000 to 2.700 guests walzed the wooden floors, the Strauss family DIRIGIERTE. in the 20th century the first „talkies“ (sound films) were presented. the dark parts of it’s history include the foundation of the nsdap and it’s usage as a collecting point for jewish people before deportation.

in the 1950s culture found a way back into the location, which was home

to europes’ most modern recording studio and many balls, parties and clubbings until the 1990s. on august 16th 2001 the wooden roof truss caught fire due to construction works, the rooms burned down completely.

2013 the sophiensäle were opened again as a restaurant, hotel and


what stayed are the memories of more than 150 years of long nights, music, dancing, history - a feeling which the artist tries to show in her works

Katherina Lochmann

lives & works as a photographer in Vienna

studied communications & media at University of Vienna

and photography at fotoK, Vienna

part and co-founder of photographic collective Frank Cmyk

she enjoys including cultural and media phenomenons, social expectations and her family into her work, mostly pictures and collages

since 2014 she is working on her dissertation