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Malcolm McClay - Zero

Opening on Monday, July 6th 2015 - 5:00 pm

Zero is an exhibition of images that chronicles the 36-hour performance Ekstasis. My goal for the performance was to start from zero. With nothing but my body and some materials in the space, my intention was to create an impression of myself on the walls and leaving a record of my existence. The performance began in a white gallery space and was completed when the walls were filled with both body prints and writing, this took place over three 12-hour performances. These images are all that remain after the gallery was returned to a white space. While this exhibition does not include the physical embodied experience of performance, it presents a chronology of images that retain the contemplative and obsessive nature of the work.

Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, and raised in Donegal, Ireland. Malcolm studied at the University of Ulster, Belfast, where he received his BA honors degree in Three-Dimensional Design. He earned his MA in sculpture from New Mexico State University and his MFA in sculpture and performance from The Ohio State University. There he co-founded Crisus, a performance company. For the next ten years, Crisus wrote, produced, and toured large-scale multimedia performances throughout the US and abroad. Malcolm moved with Crisus from Ohio to New Orleans, then to Chicago, and finally to San Francisco. In 1999, Malcolm moved away from performance to concentrate on interactive installation and kinetic sculpture. He moved from San Francisco to Louisiana in 2002 and joined the faculty of Louisiana State University’s School of Art in the fall of 2003. As an Irish artist living in the US Malcolm exhibits in both countries regularly. He is a founding member of the Good Children Gallery in New Orleans where he regularly curates and exhibits.

(McClay 2015)