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Marceau Verdiere

“The calm, the storm and the forgotten in between”

A reflection on memories as traces on one’s soul.

Opening: Friday, 16 July, 2021, 7-10 pm

Artists Talk: Friday, 23 July, 2021, 5 pm

Open on Saturday and Sunday

17, 18, 24, 25 July, always 2-6 pm

and on appointment

via mail:

or phone: +33 06 04 13 21 19

Marceau Verdiere is a French born artist and educator living and working in Freshwater, Northern California. Verdiere holds a Masters in Visual Arts education from the University of Strasbourg and teaches Visual Art in Arcata California. Verdiere’s work embraces the absurdity in trying to define time as a collective experience and takes form primarily as abstract paintings and digital photography. Verdiere has exhibited in museums, galleries, and churches in the US and Europe, and his works are part of private, corporate, and public collections throughout Northern America, Europe, Taiwan and Russia.  His main work however is fostering art through modern approaches to learning and fighting to keep art relevant in traditional American educational systems.

Awards: PBS/Keet first price for “the instant before forgiveness”

The MiaBo foundation prize for exceptional contribution to the Humboldt Arts / The Claes Nobel National Society of High School Scholars award for excellence in arts education.

For the past decade, my work has been about observing life as a work in progress, questioning what remains of all our experiences as we carry on living. I want to appreciate the consequential moments that too rarely stand out against the dull routine of daily existence. More specifically I am interested in the instants that cultivate and nourish the patina of one’s aging soul, moments in life we do not tend to recall but are often moments of great importance: Doubt, Silence, Daydreams…

To translate these ideas into paintings I play with the application of pigments as I do with their removal, creating marred and injured surfaces, rich as life itself, revealing traces and scars, like faded memories too stubborn to be forgotten…


I hope to evoke similar impressions to those that are best described in the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi; the deep appreciation for the simple melancholy and beauty that is inherent to imperfection, the ephemeral and the modest, antidotes to the ever more pervasive vulgar in our world.


In this exhibit you will see paintings in oil on wood and oil on paper. The works are attempted representations of what one’s soul may look like if we could see the juxtaposition of the traces left by memories.