Driven by immediate surrounding, little by little, machine deposits material while sensing and moving within it's territory. Traces left by it's passing alter the landscape it operates within step by step. Instant decisions solidify, aggregate and therefore shift or constrain its possible future trajectories. Moving away from industrial precision towards almost primitive, still mediated digitally ways of constructing and articulating the space poses a question wether material traces of networked culture have to be necessarily highly technological. Matter, whether tangible or virtual becomes a medium of record. Since there is no other blueprint than the behavior itself, resulting shapes gain their specificity from tool resolution, medium fidelity and saturation of generative processes leaving them as traces.

Galo Moncayo explores the artificiality of cultural constructs by examining how they work and how they affect our concepts of what is “real” and what is “not.”  Through the use of images and sounds, Moncayo engages the viewer in interaction with a physical structure, so the viewer may become aware of some particular aspect of our physical, cultural, and/or social environment.  He strips technological artifacts of their shelf identity to bring out their human qualities.  He uses multiple media, not to create electronic sculptures, but rather to create dynamics situations that are curiously comparable to everyday life, but with a provocative twist.

Moncayo has exhibited throughout the United States including in New York, and in Germany, Mexico, France and Ecuador. Currently, Moncayo is in the Zaha Hadid master class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.  Previously he was an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he ran the graduate and undergraduate sculpture programs.  

He has been invited as a visiting artist/ lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University, The George Washington University, among other universities in North America and in Germany.  Galo Moncayo received a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in the United States.

Dominik Strzelec imagines, explores and operates within open-source and networked communities investigating their current and possible future impacts on the material culture. While focused on urban scale processes, he proposes various scale interventions ranging from very pragmatic to entirely imaginary and discussing individual or groups creativity dynamics, communication and digitally mediated craft. Strzelec studied philosophy at the Warsaw University, architecture at Warsaw Technical University and at dieAngewandte in Vienna. Collaborated with multiple offices and individuals in the domain of architecture and design building Museum's of Polish Jews pavilion 'OHEL' [with Centrala Designers Task Force], and receiving second prize in Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities International Design Ideas Competition [with Steven Ma and Wendy Fok], among others.

He runs multiple workshops and has teaching experience within Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program at dieAngewandte.

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Galo Moncayo . Dominik Strzelec

Opening May 20th 2011 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm