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Monica Tolia

“Possessive Me”

Opening on December 4th 2012, 7 p.m.

Space and physical matter are defined through ideas about ownership and possession, both physical and conceptual. The entities that exist within the present social construct today are expressed and valued upon tangible possessions and the intangible belief in such.  Namely, there can be no transformation in the reach of ownership without the belief in that reach,

so the former is highly dependent upon the latter.

Through three different works, Monica Tolia illustrates three different patterns of possession, turning belief into the subjective plane upon which three separate statements and ownership systems are made.

Copyright Monica Slavov: satirised self-absorption and IP-rights abuse

Expectations Video: lost control over the entity that is the self where the viewer becomes the possessor of the subject

Glass Woman

Approaching the subject through different modes, the artist is creating an umbrella where the consideration of bizarre belief systems form subjective types of ownership and possession.