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Monika Bohus

Contra / Diction

Painting & Drawing

Opening on May 2nd 2014, 7 pm

Monika Bohus was born in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). She studied art under Jitka Jelinkova in her studio in the Czech Republic. Monika received a scholarship to study Fine Art at Webster University in Saint Louis (USA), and Vienna (Austria). Currently, she is a BFA candidate in painting. Monika lives and works in St. Louis, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Transcultural Textures of Monika Bohus

Artists are always working with their cultural background as a reference in

their work. Monika Bohus has more than one to work in reference to.

The avant-garde in the 20th century was strongly influenced by Czech artists and Monika has found herself in line with them after she moved to St. Louis.

At the same time, she has found a way to adapt to the new cultural setting there and to build her idiosyncratic expression on this experience.

Monika Bohus has allowed herself to question her feelings, her decisions,

her family, her environment and her live constantly. Sometimes to find painful experiences and sometimes to find insight and to gain deeper understanding.

In her recent work she allows us to see some of her emotions and experience in images that oscillate between the male and the female, the open and the closed, the comprehensible and the unknowable, weaving a texture to endue her world.

Michael Schneider