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“PRIDE” by Nick George

opening (dedicated to the fathers)

August 21st 2011 from 9:08 pm - 11:11 pm

we will drink to our fathers and we will dedicate the evening to them

Nick George (b. 1962, Manchester, England)

is a painter, photographer, traveller and farmer.

His father had been an officer in the Royal Air Force and Nick had been heavily influenced by the stories that he was told when he was a little boy. The motto of the RAF Bomber Command "Strike Hard Strike Sure" has influenced Nick's personal decisions and artistic development more than anything else. Nick George currently lives in Bristol, England.

About his work:

"Underneath the luscious surfaces of George Nick’s paintings lurks a contradiction. His paintings fairly vibrate with the pleasure of observing and recording life. His forms and colors are vivid, even aggressive, but they’re never coarse. His paint application is energetic but even-keeled. His enthusiasm for idiosyncratic subjects (like airplanes and speed-trains) seems surpassed only by his sheer joy of manipulating paint. Why then, do his paintings have such an edgy restlessness? …."

(Kenneth Cross, 2005)