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Material Earth

Liselott Olofsson & Larry Fogg

Opening on 22 November, 2019, 19:00 - 22:00

On display until 15 December, 2019

Opening hours on demand via

Liselott Olofsson is a ceramic artist and Larry Fogg is a painter and sculptor. They are based in Kilkenny, Ireland and this is their second installation for which they have collaborated.

The work they make together generally is about accumulation, of material, of images, of the effort of making it. Liselott Olofsson’s practice sees the place of materials as a central role. Usually her work is wheel thrown whereas this exhibition sees her using a variety of techniques and methods. Larry Fogg’s method of production is often determined by the material chosen, using the material not only for its plastic qualities but also for significance, its social or intrinsic values. 

With Material Earth, they are trying to create an affinity of material and method. Fogg has chosen to use cheap plastic disposable ballpoint pens to painstakingly ink large tracings of the pens themselves and other plastic disposable objects. Olofsson has used unglazed and sometimes unfired clay in circular patterns or patterns of the circular fractured, disrupted and damaged. Together they are working towards a symbiosis of meaning and material, towards the meaning of materiality, of the effects of our ever spreading, expanding Western consumerist lifestyle on the material, the physical Earth.

Liselott Olofsson lives in Kilkenny city, Ireland.

She works as a Maker and Educator. Liselott Olofsson was awarded a BDEs in Craft Design from The National College of Art and Design in 2001. She has maintained her practice since, working in various studios in Kilkenny until she built her own in 2014. 

Liselott Olofsson’s practice sees the place of materials as a central role. Usually, her work is wheel thrown, whereas this exhibition sees her using a variety of techniques and methods. Her work generally starts with a concept which is teased out through drawing and discussion.

In summer 2018 she spent 2 months on a ceramics residency in Jingdezehen in China. This environment allowed her to work with new methods and techniques. The work was be exhibited in Kilkenny during the Alternative Kilkenny Arts festival in August 2019.

Liselott Olofsson has been a committee member of Ceramics Ireland since 2011. She has participated in many members and selected exhibitions with Ceramics Ireland.





Larry Fogg is a painter and sculptor from Ontario, Canada,

He received his BFA from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario in 1992. His work has always been about the traditions of easel painting but using materials and techniques to isolate and question the necessity of the painted gesture. This has involved in the past the use of wood inlay and patched together fabric, and has moved towards casting objects and abstract shapes in cement, plaster and wax, and slowing the process down, using cheap disposable pens to hand fill large areas of graphic.

Larry Fogg has exhibited in Nova Scotia and now resides in Ireland. His latest show, entitled Object Found was at The Watergate Theatre Gallery, in Kilkenny, where he now lives.