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Tess Martin

“Paper Time”

Opening on March 3rd 2014, 7 p.m.

Tess Martin is an animator who is inspired by materials, and has made films in sand, cut-outs, paint, ink and markers. Some of these techniques are ephemeral – there is nothing left over after the animation process and the work exists solely in the high resolution still photos taken during the shoot. But in Paper Time we have the chance to see some of the delicate paper cut-outs and other flat objects used in the making of her films. Each item was animated one frame at a time but now exists frozen for us to examine. This exhibit is complemented by Martin's installation in the ASIFAKEIL space, titled Slices in Time, up until March 15th.

Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with back-lit paper cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. She is the recipient of three 4Culture grants, two City of Seattle grants, and numerous others in support of her films, including The Whale Story, animated on a 16 foot high wall in a public park. Her most recent films are One Night in Florida, a one minute look at the George Zimmerman acquittal and They Look Right Through You, a nine minute marker-on-glass animation about human-pet relationships. Her films have displayed at galleries as well as festivals worldwide. She is a member of SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team, a collective of independent animators, and has curated two programs of SEAT films: Inter-Action, which screened in Seattle, Portland, New York City and toured Europe in October 2011, and Strange Creatures, which is currently touring. Tess is currently based in The Netherlands.