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Thomas Keith Lang

in “Close Relations”

Opening June 27th 2014, 7:27 pm

Each morning begins 

with promises 

that get shattered later in the day 

and then there are delays

and uncertainties 

where somehow  

misunderstanding seems to be 

replaced with wonder

Then a familiar inventory of tricks 

and techniques begins 

to form pathways.

Lang, both a papermaker and printmaker,

has decades of experience  working, exhibiting,

and teaching about both. 

His most recent work engages a

direct drawing process traditional printmaking,

and digital technology.

His work has been exhibited and is in

various collections in Europe and the USA.

He has been a visiting artist in the U.K.,

Japan, and Austria.

Currently he is Chair and Professor at

Department of Art at Webster University.

My work comes from the doing.

It seems

beyond that, my work like that of others is based

as much on misunderstanding as it is on insight. 

However, guiding my work is an inventory:

The identity of a printmaker/papermaker

Assumptions that a process can yield unexpected results

Observation of phenomena

A sense of place

Attentiveness to the currents of art

Conversations with art students

The charm of technologies

Envy of poets

Music and food

A latitudinal view of art

Artistic allies